High Speed Steel Round Bar Grinding Centerless Lathe

Centerless lathe(steel round bar peeling machine) is a high efficiency lathe which is specialized in rough processing and finishing of the surface of slender shaft. Not only quickly remove surface hardened layer, cracks and other defects, but also can get high precision....

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During processing, the bar itself doesn’t rotate, the cutter head drives the tools rotating at high speed to peeling the surface of the bar. At the same time,after peeling , the bar keeps walking straight ahead. The machine suits for processing the bars and wire rods.



Before Peeling Required

Diameter Range (mm)




Yield Strength (Mpa)


Surface Hardness


Original Curvature(mm/m)


Diameter Tolerance

According to GB 702-2004 second group


≤50% of diameter tolerance

Surface Roughness(Ra)


After Peeling

Diameter Range(mm)


Diameter Cutting Depth(mm)


Diameter Tolerance


Surface Roughness(Ra)




Feeding Speed(m/min)


Cutter Head Rotational Speed(rpm)


Main Machine Motor Power(kw)

45(4 poles)

Main Machine Outline Dimensions(m)


Main Machine Weight(t)


Total Capacity (kw)



1) When processing over-length bar, centerless lathe has incomparable advantages.Ordinary lathe is good at processing short bar.But there is great restriction for processing long shaft.In theory ,centerless lathe can process the bar of infinite length.

2) Centerless lathe is not only processing bar, also wire rod.Including from wire rod to wire rod and from wire rod to bar.That the ordinary lathe can't do it.

3) Processing speed 1-12m/min,the working efficiency of centerless lathe is dozens of times of the ordinary lathe.

4) High precision,after peeling, tolerance of diameter reach ≤IT9, surface roughness Ra≤6.3μm. But after straightening,Ra≤0.8μm.

Introduction of Composition

1. Main Machine

Main machine consists of the bed,main bearings,air/oil lubrication system,front-clamping pinch feeding and rear-clamping extracting,front guide and middle-rear guide system,main driving system etc。


2. Air/oil lubrication system

Air/oil lubrication system is specially designed to solve the lubrication of mainshaft bearings with high speed rotation.It's composed of pump,oil and air distribution block and air processing components.


3. High pressure water pump

High pressure water pump takes the cutting liquid cooled from reservoir through pipeline transporting the near to the nozzle of cutter head,until spraying on the tools and scraps. Then take away most the cutting heat and enter into chip cnveyor mouth of at the bottom of cutter head,through the pipeline reflow reservoir for cooling.


4. Chip Conveyor

Chip conveyor is provided by our supplier.The scraps through chip conveyor mouth to be taken to the chain plate and driving belt move with the scraps.Finally , the scraps are centralized collection.


5. Hydraulic System

Hydraulic system consists of pump set of motor, all kinds of control valves, hydraulic oil tank, hydraulic pipeline etc。Through controlling the cylinders of front-clamping pinch feeding and rear-clamping extracting to realize clamping and loosening for the bar。

6. Electrical System

Electrical system includes power supply system and control system,by 1 power distribution cabinet and 1 button station intergrated operation,implement pinch before and after the main transmission system, feeding system,cooling system,hydraulic system,the electrical control of chip conveyor and auxiliary machine.

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