High Speed Steel

  • M2 Tool Steel Bar for Drill Bits

    M2 tool steel is common tungsten molybdenum high speed tool steel, also called W6Mo5Cr4V2 and 1.3343.Generally high speed steel M2 is used in cutting tools.
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  • Metal Tool Bits Material M2 Flat Bar

    M2 is the Tungsten-Molybdenum general high speed steel having balanced alloy composition forms the basis of its high toughness and good cutting edge retention, HSS M2 widely used in cutting tool.
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  • High Speed Steel 1.3343 Round Bar

    ?HSS1.3343 high speed tool steel with higher assay percent than M2,so toughness,wear resistance better than M2 tool steel. 1.3343 tool steel with higher red hardness, good thermoplastic, so high...
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  • High Speed Steel M2 Mechanical Property

    ?HSS M2 is the Tungsten-Molybdenum high speed steel,AISI M2 also well know by Din 1.3343.M2 tool steel with high temperature high toughness and hardness,suit to make cutting tools. DLDT is the...
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  • Density of High Speed Steel M2 1.3343

    High speed tool steel M2 (1.3343) shows high hardness and high toughness with the Tungsten,Molybdenum and Vanadium based.
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  • Cold Work Die Steel M2 1.3343

    DIN 1.3343 is a standard high speed steel grade,this special steel has balanced alloy composition forms the basis of its high toughness and good cutting performance,therefore it is suitable for a...
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  • Forged High Speed Steel M2 1.3343

    ?HSS DIN 1.3343 tool steel is a kind of high alloy steel with various alloy elements,with excellent casting, forging, welding and machining properties, therefore it occupies an important position...
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  • Hot Rolled High Speed Steel M2

    High speed steel M2 tool steel with a well balanced composition suitable for cutting tools,AISI M2 having replaced T1 high speed tool steel in more fields because of its superior properties and...
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  • Cold Drawn High Speed Steel 1.3343

    ?HSS 1.3343 tool steel, with high toughness and good cutting power as for its well-balanced alloys composition, so this material is widely used in making cutting tool with high hardness, also with...
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  • High Speed Steel SKH51 for Cutting Tools

    High speed steel SKH51 can meet high requirement of cutters for the balanced carbides organization and stable working performance.
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  • Taps Material High Speed Steel M35

    M35 tool steel is superior high speed tool steel, HSS M35 with 5% cobalt makes it great material of manufacturing the high quality cutting tools, screw dies, punch pins,especially for making taps.
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  • Twist Drill Bits Material HSS M35 1.3243

    HSS 1.3243 is a superior high speed tool steel of making the complex super hard tools,especially1.3243 tool steel is widely used in manufacturing twist drill bits with good abrasion resistance and...
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