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China International Import Expo
Nov 08, 2019

The Second China International Import Expo was hold in Shanghai on 5th Nov, 2019. President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech:“We will continue to promote reform, promote development, and promote innovation through openness, and continue to promote a higher level of opening up.” Exhibitors have expressed their hope that China will bring more new opportunities for world economic growth. I believe that this participation in the Expo will be able to “get on the road and be satisfied”.

CIIE aims to firmly support trade liberalization and economic globalization and actively open the market to the world。 More than 1,000 companies attracting 58 countries along the “Belt and Road” will be another important support for the “One Belt, One Road” initiative。

DLDT is very honor to attend this expo, a wide range of exhibits, crowds of people, colorful displays, eye-catching technology. From cars to daily necessities, from agricultural products to medical health equipment, the rich products in the Expo are to the growing needs of Chinese consumers. The feast of consumption held at the door of the house may allow more consumers to go through the sea in order to experience better foreign products, and not to purchase, Haitao has to go through all the hard work. Entering the Expo will allow the world's quality products to be at your fingertips, reflecting China's opening the door and embracing the open mind of the world. 

Participating in this event, DLDT aims to seek business opportunities, find partners, mutual benefit and win-win in the future.


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