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The Mayor Of Pointe Noire from Democratic Republic Of Congo Comes To Visit
Jul 05, 2019

An substantial significance Economic Seminar was held by our local International Chamber of Commerce between Dalian Government and Democratic Republic of Congo on 4, July.  Mayor of Pointe Noire, Mr. Kant. Francois from Congo, President of the Dalian International Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Cutie and 10 entrepreneur representatives were attending. Two sides start the conversations about more possibility of Bilateral Trade Cooperations.

Were depending on exporting of Petroleum and Mineral products so much in the past years, these two sectors has a 80 percent proportion in the total domestic GPD, were expecting the new economic development chances from multiple sectors including infrastructure and ship building industry to make our Congo more attractive destination for foreign investors Said by Mr.Kant

After the official conversations, we can see there re great policies for both of us to open Congo Market, local entrepreneurs talk with Congo representatives for seeking potential business possibility positively, we trust our equipment is very competitive in Congo, this Economic seminar will bring substantial benefits for our two sides。 Expecting more cooperations in future。 

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