Fast Cutting Bi-Metal Hole Saw

Bi-metal hole saw with high speed steel cutting edge make the teeth strong and long last, good wear resistance, the fleem new ground tooth cutting speed is 30% faster than traditional hole saw , ideal for create holes for pipes,tubing installations,steel,brass, cast iron and any hard materials....

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The Fast cutting fleem ground teeth features and advantage

  • Turtle back tooth – reinforced tooth back 

  • Deeper gullet for fast chip remove

  • Design for heavy duty cutting。

  • Fleem ground tooth design。

  • 40% faster than traditional hole saw.

  • Wide slot design on side walls for chips easy remove

  • Longer working life.

hole saw

hole saw specification

Application Information

Creates holes for pipe, tubing installations, door lock installations,electrical conduit, hoses and antennas.

Ideal for plumbing , construction,aircraft,electrical, maintenance and automotive applications。

Use in steel, aluminum,brass, cast iron, plastic or wood.

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